Creep of the Day: What is wrong with you?

Sometimes I wish it was okay to flat out screech at someone when they walk out of a bathroom without washing their hands. Like when the terminator exterminator came to my apartment last fall and after telling me all about the inner workings of the mouse mind (like use gloves when you set out the traps because if they smell your “human smell” they’ll avoid it) proceeded to ask if he could use the bathroom in my tiny studio apartment. Homeboy walked in with fucking plastic, medical gloves on…flushed the toilet…and without running any water (washing his fucking hands), walked straight the fuck out with his plastic gloves still on. Apparently touching your penis with the gloves before setting traps doesn’t count. And sadly he’s not alone – whether in the workplace or at some other public places I see people all the time stroll out without washing their hands. Each time I wish I could run up to them and let my feelings out, meaning this:
And then I want to come back and seriously ask them:
C’mon people, wash your hands. It is not that hard.


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